The Barn Choice



My last post was about change and one way it can begin. A certain barn outside of Estancia, New Mexico, represents another way—actually two other ways. Read Full Post »

Monkey Wisdom


The key monkey is not the leader monkey.

I have been thinking more about my last post on the significance of so many Baby Boomers achieving the weighty age of 60. I have  realized that there is a connection with the hundredth monkey theory. Read Full Post »

Happy BD to Putin


The Baby Boomers have had an inordinate effect on American culture ever since the demand for diapers exploded in 1946.

President Vladimir V. Putin celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday, October 8. I wonder if he’s into astrology and understands what this means. Read Full Post »

A New St. Catherine’s School


St. Katherine is now the patron saint of philanthropists.

I usually really enjoy the sensitive columns of Nicholas D. Kristof, who writes for The New York Times, but the one this Sunday contained a real zinger. He wrote about a situation making the point that “women in power can be every bit as contemptible as men.” Aaaagggh! And of course he’s right. Maybe it’s time to do something about this. Read Full Post »

Full Moon Rises


An analysis of moon rocks has confirmed that it has the same basic composition as the earth.

Around 9:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on September 29, the moon will be full. It is an attention-grabbing moment out here in the West where the night sky is typically so clear. It has begun to bring up a lot of “Did you know . . .?” information that I have only recently acquired. Read Full Post »

Bluenergy Solarwind


After all these years, the time is now.

When “coyote medicine” is afoot according to Native American tradition, even a scoundrel can be the bearer of a great gift. I hope to prove that point through the following story. Read Full Post »

Early Warning


Be ready. Revolution is at hand.

This is beginning to get on my nerves, these ads for purses and watches on page two of The New York Times every morning. I think there is more to this than meets the eye, and I want to share my suspicions before it’s too late. Read Full Post »

Jesus Had a Wife?


 Will many women feel affirmed by the possibility that Jesus had a wife, or will it elicit an intense, conservative reaction?

What a coincidence that a papyrus referring to the “wife” of Jesus would, after about 1,600 years in oblivion, surface two months before the election. But what does it mean? Read Full Post »

Newspaper Man Down


A particular day, a particular moment, and everything changes.

I’m going to quit griping about all this new technology, because two days ago it brought me an email from “The Newspaper Man,” whom I had written about on August 8. John O’Donnell has been selling The New Mexican on foot in Santa Fe for more than 25 years, most recently at the corner of Guadalupe and Paseo de Peralta north. No more, however. Read Full Post »

Jeep Nostalgia


The automobile has influenced who we are, but it is also an expression of who we are—in the moment.

I’ve been thinking more about that post (“The Fixable Car”) in which I complained about the high-tech innovations in my Prius, most of which are wasted on me as well as costly. It set me to thinking about what I really want in a vehicle, and that has led to an historic review. Read Full Post »