The Nadir, Hopefully


Unless something changes quickly, the whistle of the descending whip is coming.

It’s over, and I hope this presidential election will prove to be the nadir of that process in my lifetime. Read Full Post »

Archetype Shift


The loss of illusions can be a real strength.

On November 2, I attended another meeting of the C.G. Jung Institute to hear three panelists discuss the election in terms of Jungian psychology. It was as though the candidates and the nation all three were being analyzed on Carl Jung’s couch. Read Full Post »

Time To Move Inland


Sometimes the only way to survive is to leave.

I feel very fortunate to live near pueblo ruins. I thought of this when I awoke to a bright and peaceful morning here in Santa Fe as Hurricane Sandy was tearing toward New York. Read Full Post »

The True Story of Dog


When he was ready to return from exile, dog would lead man back.

I keep thinking about that wolf documentary, “True Wolf,” that I wrote about in my last post. It made me wonder if we yet know how the dog evolved from this species. Read Full Post »

Take on “True Wolf”


It’s hard to know the right thing.

“Do we have to discuss this at 2:30 in the morning?”

“Yes,” was the answer, “since you’re going to write about this tomorrow.” Ah, that tempering subconscious had awakened me again. Read Full Post »

The Truth Would Be Good


 “Great truths come from self-understanding.”

Sometimes it takes a visitor from a foreign country to notice that a revered national monument is disintegrating. That happened earlier this month at a lecture sponsored by the C.G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe. Read Full Post »

Lance Armstrong’s Next Race


 “Being a dick is not allowed.”

I can’t say that I was ever greatly interested in Lance Armstrong, but as he rides off into the sunset–perhaps–I have found elements of his life fascinating. Read Full Post »

The Barn Choice



My last post was about change and one way it can begin. A certain barn outside of Estancia, New Mexico, represents another way—actually two other ways. Read Full Post »

Monkey Wisdom


The key monkey is not the leader monkey.

I have been thinking more about my last post on the significance of so many Baby Boomers achieving the weighty age of 60. I have  realized that there is a connection with the hundredth monkey theory. Read Full Post »

Happy BD to Putin


The Baby Boomers have had an inordinate effect on American culture ever since the demand for diapers exploded in 1946.

President Vladimir V. Putin celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday, October 8. I wonder if he’s into astrology and understands what this means. Read Full Post »