The Fixable Car


 I could have been found frozen to death in my party shoes because of that mapping device.

I suppose that if I were a good citizen I would use this space to promote my political perspective on how government can be fixed. However, I would much rather fix the automobile industry. Read Full Post »

Ms. Romney


There is more to Ms. Romney than meets the eye.

How odd to wake up with Romney dreams. Read Full Post »

Saliva Inspiration


Why would you want to finance heart surgery for people who can’t be bothered to brush their teeth?

“I have to tell you this,” she said. “You have wonderful saliva.”

I was sitting in the chair at my dentist’s office getting a report from my dental hygienist after a cleaning. I confess that I had previously taken the quality of my saliva for granted. Now I know how fortunate I am. Read Full Post »

The Wounded Masculine


Another unrealistic expectation of our men is that they should have all the answers.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the term “wounded masculine.” A newspaper article yesterday reminded me of it, and it’s a concept that circumstances could well push center stage. Read Full Post »

Ryan’s Numbers


The solution lies in the concept of threeness.

Here I am, nosing around with numerology again. This time the object of inquiry is Paul Davis Ryan, the running mate of Mitt Romney. Read Full Post »

The Man Thing


 This is where the man’s hairy finger plunges down his throat to elicit a gag before he throws the book across the room.

I have been thinking a lot about men lately, in an analytical way. This was stimulated by the reading of a novel. Read Full Post »

Spider Wisdom


Don’t force women to live in something that looks like a funeral shroud. It will become prophetic.

When I looked out onto the portal this morning, I saw a single, shimmering strand of spider filament extending many feet from a post to the trumpet vine on the coyote fence. It made me think about our problem with Iran. Read Full Post »

Inspiration for THE INHERITANCE


 For several years, these characters shared space in the barn with my sister’s composting worms.

People keep asking how I came up with the idea for my novel, The Inheritance, and this is a good place to explain. Read Full Post »

The Newspaper Man


 I will definitely wave. We are now friends.

There are many things that make Santa Fe a colorful and charming city, including the men who sell the New Mexican at certain intersections. For example, there is the guy at Zia Road and St. Francis who will give away a paper if you can answer a trivia question posted on a bulletin board. Then there is the comic with the funny hats at St. Francis and Paseo de Peralta north. But best of all is John O’Donnell. Read Full Post »

What Will It Take?


 It’s coming. We know it’s coming. We just don’t know when.

Another massacre has been committed by a man with an automatic weapon. The nation’s sympathy has been officially expressed. An investigation is underway. We are intensely engaged with the news. What’s it going to take to get us to do something about this? Read Full Post »