What Will It Take?


 It’s coming. We know it’s coming. We just don’t know when.

Another massacre has been committed by a man with an automatic weapon. The nation’s sympathy has been officially expressed. An investigation is underway. We are intensely engaged with the news. What’s it going to take to get us to do something about this? Read Full Post »

The Power of a Preposition


“God’s eye is in the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

There was more kind of sad animal news in the newspaper yesterday, and it made me think of the power for good a preposition could have. Read Full Post »

Mourning Elephants


Perhaps the truth of their mysterious funeral procession is very simple.

Someone recently emailed me a story about how two herds of wild elephants in a South African game preserve had formed a funeral procession in honor of the conservationist who had rescued them. It was so touching that it made me wonder. I did some research and found that it was all true. Read Full Post »

Bud Blight


 Everywhere cans and bottles—sometimes entire cartons of empty bottles–glittered in the sun. The highway was afflicted by Bud blight.

The monsoons have been generous in the area of the Galisteo Basin south of Santa Fe, and the range land is turning a blessed green. All along the highway grasses and wild flowers growing tall obscure the roadside litter. However, on a one-mile stretch near Estancia, New Mexico, it doesn’t matter that the land is still parched. That’s where my sister Kate walks with her Chocolate Lab. Read Full Post »

Worm Wisdom


 “Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

Staying informed is kind of depressing. The main downer today is that 88% of the nation’s corn crop is being damaged by the hottest year ever recorded in the United States. For relief, I think about worms. Read Full Post »

Dirt Helps But . . .


And when something is amiss, the nature of healing can be ineffable.

No matter how advanced our scientific knowledge and our technology become, I think there will always be factors affecting health that will be impossible to identify and measure. A recent article reminded me of this idea. Read Full Post »

NRA Crisis


 Just how useful is your little Glocky-Wock going to be against a lunatic with an AK-whatever?

Another massacre, this time in Aurora, Colorado. Not by a foreign terrorist. By one of us. By one of the most fortunate among us. As we go distractedly about our business, three questions come up: Read Full Post »

Knob Head Evolves


Maybe it’s time to retire the image of knob-head and demand one with our correct proportions.

It’s funny what catches your eye. The New York Times published a photograph yesterday of a female figurine that was described as “one of the oldest examples of figured art in the world.” It was very crude of course, the artist’s focus on the bulk from neck to legs. The thing that caught my eye was the tiny head, like a little, extraneous knob atop. “Isn’t that the way of it?” I thought. Knob head. Read Full Post »

Ina Drew Goes Down


By her early fifties, she was really running with the big dogs.

Ina R. Drew. She was an inspiration for business women for almost 20 years, and now her remarkable history has turned cautionary.

As chief investment officer at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., she was praised for a stellar performance in 2008 when other banks were suffering disastrous losses. Highly regarded by CEO Jamie Dimon , she earned about $13 million per year managing the bank’s investments. By her early fifties, she was really running with the big dogs. And then everything began to change. Read Full Post »