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Alchemy in the Kitchen



Cooking can be magic, you know. And as I write that, the scene of three witches around the cauldron in Shakespeare’s play about Macbeth comes to mind. The witches’ recipe includes things like “eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog,” and it seems to cook up prophetic powers. The witches greet Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor but also “king hereafter,” which excites murderous ambition. At the end of the play, the audience is left wondering: How much of life is destiny? How much of it is under our control?


Jane Remington

Jane Remington

More of life may be under control in the kitchen than you realized. Here food preparation can become a form of alchemy that transforms the base metal of a harmful diet into the gold of wonderful health. I have a friend who knows how to do this. Her name is Jane Remington, and her second cook book dedicated to alchemy in the kitchen has just come out. The title is The Yeast Free Kitchen II.

The title refers to cooking with ingredients that will prevent or clear up infections of a microbe called Candida albicans. Overgrowths of Candida can be the cause or an important factor in 71 disorders (and probably more) listed in Jane’s cookbook. The spectrum ranges from things like memory loss to cancer.

Jane has an eye-catching way of explaining the importance of getting this microbe under control. It exists virtually everywhere in our bodies and the world at large, but its proper human residence is the intestines. In the natural order of things, Candida will take over when we die in order to recycle us, so to speak. The problem is that so many of us are developing systemic yeast infections through which Candida, as Jane puts it, sets about trying to “decompose us while we are still living.” Get the picture? Ick.

Jane learned about Candida decades ago as a result of dental surgery. She had to take several courses of antibiotics, and this created a chronic, systemic, candidiasis infection. She was rescued by a respected naturopath who introduced her to the yeast-free diet. The experience was life-changing for Jane. In the role of both student and patron of her healer, she embarked on 30 years of observation and research dedicated to finding a way to help others become more healthy.

I am one of the countless individuals who are benefitting. By an extraordinary synchronicity, I met Jane just a few weeks after my mother had died of breast cancer about 24 years ago. I knew that my profile put me at high risk for the disease, and I was determined to avoid it.  I immediately embarked on the yeast-free diet and stuck with it for three months.

So What Is the Diet?

Let me say at the outset that the diet takes real self-discipline because it eliminates virtually everything that makes life worth living. Just kidding, but here is the incomplete list: sugar, caffeine, dairy products, chocolate, anything fermented including vinegar and alcohol, bread made with yeast, beef, pork, mushrooms, dried fruits, and some fruits that contain high levels of sugar like grapes and bananas.

I can hear the moaning from here, but consider that the primary danger in yeast overgrowth is that, quite simply, it wrecks the immune system. And according to Jane’s research, the explosion of the use of antibiotics (including in livestock), hormones, steroids, and birth control pills as well as the rising popularity of unhealthy foods has created an ongoing epidemic of yeast-related illness.

When I did the diet, I had to go cold turkey, improvising with permissible food. You, on the other hand, will have the benefit of Jane’s most recent cookbook. This second and amplified version of her first effort contains a tremendous amount of background information about the “yeast beast” and products that one can safely consume. However, the recipes themselves are the real wonder. Amazing that they can be both so healthy and so delicious, but Jane is kind of a wizard in the kitchen. In my next post, I will share an example among all those that have become my all-time favorites.

And I can personally attest to enormous benefit. In the course of diet, a problem with frequent headaches and digestive issues disappeared, and my skin became really pretty as a side benefit. I had always had a mammoth sugar tooth, but among Jane’s recipes are many for desserts made from maple syrup and honey that make moderation a real pleasure. My health has subsequently been superior, and I’m not on a single prescription. I keep the guidelines constantly in mind and every now and then do a clean-up month or so.  yeast

So this information is my gift to you. The cookbook, The Yeast Free Kitchen II, is available at Lulu.com right now. Soon it will be available on Amazon along with Jane’s book, Recaging the Beast, which provides wonderful insights into the underlying causes of disease in our modern medical environment. Serious illness need not be our destiny by old age. Through Jane’s alchemy in the kitchen, many of us could write an entirely different story.



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