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One More for the Smartphone


I had held my ground for years. Finally a little baby chipmunk led me to the cliff.

The Oracular Egg


  I worry about how unconscious, how absent, people are becoming, as though all that matters resides in their smartphones. They are missing a lot. Reality is so much more interesting.

Error Alert!


  I made a mistake. I just hate making mistakes.

Reason for Hope


An antidote to the anxiety, separation, and polarization of our world today, Erica’s story offers hope that, with a will to serve and an open heart, miracles are possible.  Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

The Voice in the Woods


As I sat down to write, I wondered, “How can I frame the contemporary value of shamanism?”

The Kentucky Derby Moment


  For your pleasure, here is Secretariat’s great moment in history, plus the recipe for the fabulous Kentucky Derby Pie to enjoy on the 144th running on Saturday, May 5.