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The Story Beyond Apollo


  “So you left me hanging,” my friend wrote. “Was there ever a replacement for Apollo?”  

One More for the Smartphone


I had held my ground for years. Finally a little baby chipmunk led me to the cliff.

The Oracular Egg


  I worry about how unconscious, how absent, people are becoming, as though all that matters resides in their smartphones. They are missing a lot. Reality is so much more interesting.

Error Alert!


  I made a mistake. I just hate making mistakes.

Reason for Hope


An antidote to the anxiety, separation, and polarization of our world today, Erica’s story offers hope that, with a will to serve and an open heart, miracles are possible.  Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

The Voice in the Woods


As I sat down to write, I wondered, “How can I frame the contemporary value of shamanism?”