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Posts Categorized: The Masculine

Error Alert!


  I made a mistake. I just hate making mistakes.

The Moon Rises Anew


  How great that in 1969, America was the first country to leave a footprint on the moon. But after 50 years, could it be time to commit to a different kind of ambition that would make us even more proud?

The Sacrifice of Isaac


  One of my most important childhood memories has to do with the Bible story of Abraham and Isaac.

Survival of the Sexiest


  The title of my last post was “Where To, Sapiens?” I have a response in mind.

The Toll of a Shortcut


  “If you get into a fix, just let a little air out of your tires.”

How the Story of a New Mexico Wolf Changed America


With all the recent news about havoc created by armed men, it is comforting to be reminded how we benefited from the spiritual awakening of a young man with a rifle back in 1894.