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Channeled Guide to Transformation



OK.  I’ve covered worm sexual reproduction. Now on to spiritual channeling.

I don’t mean to be flip with that opening, just eye-catching.

I am, in fact, serious about the subject of channeling, which I have never before covered in writing, much less been exposed to in real life. However, I recently had an introduction to it that proved an old adage: “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

I became that student as a result of completely losing my temper in the course of political debate with family members. I withdrew to rethink. Three days later, an email arrived from a trusted source announcing a workshop in “conscious transformation.” That sounded like exactly what I needed.

Paul Selig

Paul Selig

The teachings would be channeled by a gentleman named Paul Selig. In a moment of spiritual crisis as a young man of 25, he had asked to “wake up” and soon began to have experiences of clairaudience. Paul has a master’s degree from Yale University, and as he cultivated skills as a channel and empath, he also became a successful playwright and the director of a college creative writing program.

In 2009 Paul’s spiritual guides, masters who exist on a different plane, told him that they had a book to dictate, the first of a trilogy. The last of the three was channeled in 2013. There will be others.

On receiving the email announcement of his workshop, I immediately bought the first channeled book, I Am the Word. Fascinated by and very comfortable with the content, I committed to the weekend in Boulder, Colorado. It turned out to be a powerful and uplifting experience with 30 or so very nice people. Paul is an endearing, unassuming, even self-deprecating personality until he starts to channel. I was riveted and so was everyone else. He is, indeed, the real thing, and the guidance that comes through him is patently authentic.

I should detour here to say that I was not brought up in any religion, although my siblings and I attended a number of different Sunday schools and went to Easter services. I remember an innate skepticism. One of my important childhood memories is of a moment of disbelief while reading aloud from a book of Bible stories. At the description of an angry and vengeful Old Testament God, I stopped. “This can’t be right!” I protested.

So it may have been the ongoing perception of things amiss within organized religion that caused me ultimately to range widely in pursuit of things spiritual I could understand. I have had many unusual and edifying adventures in this matter–none drug-related, I might add.

Such pursuits always engage the intellect, and my writer brain was exceptionally vigilant in this most recent case. We all have special interests and aptitudes, and mine are associated with language. Ironically, it was the rather odd, even sometimes awkward use of language in the first channeled book that unexpectedly helped endow it with credibility.

The guides’ use of words is very unusual. Paul heard the voices in his mind and repeated them for a recorder, but it is as though the source were speaking in an unknown language that has been translated. Many metaphors are used to illustrate abstract concepts, but sometimes the examples seem a bit dated somehow, as though the guides are not completely grounded in our present.

It seemed, in fact, that the text would have benefited from professional editing. This thought had occurred to Paul also. However, the guides informed him that absolutely no revisions were allowed unless they specifically approved of them. It was explained that the choice of words created a frequency designed to raise that of the reader.

In fact, the intention of the guides and their teachings is to enable the willing to achieve a higher form of consciousness–to “ascend” to a higher form of consciousness. The first time that word appeared, I froze. We’ve all heard about the prophesied ascension, and it is uneasy-making. I envisioned it as the “good people” rising up into the clouds. Feeling a little uncomfortable with those who assumed themselves to be such, I preferred to stay on the ground.

The guides explain that ascension actually refers to the transformation of the mind of humanity as it moves, through their teachings, up to a higher vibration. Apparently these same teachings are being channeled all over the world, and the goal is to reach a critical mass of individuals who are able to recognize, honor, and work with the best in each other. Period. That’s what the guides would often say after making a point. “Period.”

The voice of the guides was firm, brilliantly insightful, and occasionally exasperated and impatient. Sometimes it was also funny, so much so that I would have to put the book down and just laugh. My overall experience was of being not only challenged but also relieved finally to hear straight talk and to recognize my own knowing.

I have now read all three books in the trilogy; and to repeat, I won’t go into detail about these teachings. I’m not qualified, and I’m not writing to proselytize. If at all, we are typically open to such experiences only in a time of need. My purpose is simply to provide information about the availability of this opportunity in the event that the reader should ever be interested.

I feel changed for the better by this experience, but how that will manifest remains to be seen. I am comforted and hopeful as a result of what I learned, and I have a new context for that childhood memory of the Bible story.

“This can’t be right!” I hear myself saying. And then I imagine the response of the guides:

“You’re correct. It isn’t. And someday you will know the truth.”



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