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Consulting with Divine Dog Wisdom Cards™


“Dogs have an inherent—what we call divine—wisdom. Part of that wisdom is that no matter how we treat them, they still love us as they step into the role of guardian and/or angel for us.”

Randy Crutcher and Barb Horn

As I was beginning to work on this post, a Native American myth about the relationship of Dog and Man came to mind. My sister Kate provided the detail as follows:

A long, long time ago, all the animals lived together on an equal footing, each respecting the other’s qualities and strengths. But there came a time when Man began to grow arrogant and to believe that he was superior to his fellow creatures This was not a perspective that the others shared, and they grew tired of Man’s attitude and exiled him from their community. 

Man was unimpressed. After all, he was superior and he did not need those inferior beasts.

A great canyon began to open between Man and the other creatures, threatening to divide them forever, but just before the gap was too wide, Dog jumped across and stood by Man. Bear called out to him asking, “Why have you left us to stand by that arrogant, foolish Man?” And Dog answered, “Because he will need me to lead him back someday.”


With the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher seem, through humor as well as wisdom, to be helping Dog groom us for the return. It is as though they have “channeled” Dog to help us achieve our own divine potential. However, they have also relied on decades of experience as educators, counselors, coaches, trainers, and facilitators. You can see more about their qualifications at their site, EnlightenUp LLC. Randy lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Barb in Durango, Colorado.

And of course one of their qualifications for this project is their love of dogs and all their  years of close observation of their ways. In fact, the presence of Barb’s dog Spirit on a group skiing expedition in Colorado helped inspire the idea for the cards. It took several years of close collaboration to bring it to fruition, and Spirit died the day Barb and Randy launched their Kickstarter campaign. Spirit appears in the photo gallery of “The Canine Council” at the front of the deck’s handbook.


There are 62 cards in the deck, each one, like “Creativity” referring to a primary energy, and this is down from 180 that had been under consideration.  After agreement was reached on these energies, Barb began to pore over countless photographs, trying to find those that seemed appropriate. The breeds represented range all over the place, and each one, made painterly by artist Teresa Shishim, has many layers of potential meaning as Barb and Randy clarify in the text of the handbook. That text, which they developed in collaboration over many months, is brilliant evidence of all the insights they have acquired through careers in service to the discovery and fulfillment of individual potential.

Randy Crutcher with Dulce

Barb Horn

The intent of these cards–that they will prompt self-reflection, help identify one’s life purpose, and even be transformational–is very serious. However, as I mentioned earlier, there is levity afoot as well. In fact, Barb’s motto is “Learn to Love, Love to Live, Live to Laugh). The images are sometimes extremely amusing, and another source of humor is the canine language that appears throughout the text of the accompanying handbook. For example, you “fetch” a card, and you may be advised to “mark your territory” or understand that ideas can sometimes “birth any number of litters.”

It may be a stretch for some to believe that each card is, in fact, full of energy and that, subsequent to the appropriate ritual, you will pull the one or ones that match the vibration of your question. However, when that moment of authentic guidance comes, the scalp prickles to confirm that truth is afoot–I mean apaw. (See? I’m getting into it.)

As you can see, this is fun. In addition, if you have ever really bonded with a dog, your engagement with this learning experience is enormously enriched by that relationship. It feels kind of like Divine Dog is truly present in this deck, excitedly waiting for some new aspect of your wonderfulness to emerge like a treat from your pocket.

And what a great thing to start each day by fetching a card and taking to heart the ideas it suggests you consider on your evolutionary journey. I hope you will be inspired to “Seize the Day” and get your own deck of cards and possibly another to give to a special person. As my sister said after working with the one I gave her at Christmas, “What a wonderful gift!” That is exactly what I soon thought when a friend gave me a deck.

In Santa Fe, the The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards may be purchased in DeVargas Mall at Teca Tu or Indigo Baby across the hall. In Eldorado, the cards are at the Utopia Store at La Tienda Center. You can also order them on www.EnlightenUp.biz or from Amazon.




5 Responses to “Consulting with Divine Dog Wisdom Cards™”

  1. Les Fenter

    Hah! Ellen you do have a sense of “what’s happnin”. Pat & I just adopted a “rescue dog” that had been running the “Streets of Laredo”. She is so sweet, cute and loving. Wow! And she definitely changed our lives. So we are re-learning that Dogs Rule! She gets me up every day at daybreak. She wants to eat, play and . . . . well you know. But not in that exact order every day. I’ll text you a pic. Look forward to your reply. How’s this for “on topic.” Did I tell you the Navajo Tail about dogs sniffing their uh. .. Tales? 😉 If not, I’ll share if you like.

  2. Randy Crutcher

    Ellen, this is exquisitely done. Barb and I are so honored to have met you and feel fortunate to have become one of your creative projects in this fine blog. I bow to your WOW!
    PS. For your Santa Fe readers, an update is that the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck is now also available at the very cool Utopia store at La Tienda Center in El Dorado.

    • Ellen

      Many thanks, Randy, and I’ve updated the post.

      I’m also wowed by your bow–or something like that.


  3. Barbara

    Wow, Ellen. This is a wonderful blog about these perfectly wonderful wisdom cards. I have my own deck and have given many away to friends and family. All who have used them are very enthusiastic about both how fun they are and how insightful they can be. Very Cool!