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Early Warning


Be ready. Revolution is at hand.

This is beginning to get on my nerves, these ads for purses and watches on page two of The New York Times every morning. I think there is more to this than meets the eye, and I want to share my suspicions before it’s too late.

First, the purse. Today the Chanel calfskin handbag was only $3,600. What a deal. But a purse is more than just a purse you know, and it could be much more than a purse. In dream symbolism, it may represent the true self because it is where women keep our “treasure.” If you lose your purse in a dream, fear is afoot. There is more, but now to the watches.

The man’s watch today, a Tourneau by Longines, is only $4,575. Again, a deal when many are priced at tens of thousands of dollars. I saw a Tourneau once advertised for over $60,000. I wonder how well this less expensive version will sell, however, assuming that the wealthy are very discerning in such matters. What man would want to be seen walking around wearing El Cheapo?

A second thing that has caught my eye is that the dials on virtually all watches are set at about the same time, namely, 10:10. What’s the story here? It has to mean something. What if the oppressed wealthy are planning to revolt on October 10? Maybe this is the way to get the word out: Be ready. Revolution is at hand.

But then I also saw an ad for a Swiss watch, a Ulysse-Nardin set at 8:18. I don’t know the price, because one has to call and ask and I’m afraid to do that. It is a “Maxi Marine,” which means, I believe, that it is good underwater to 15 meters. I went on high alert. These watches must be for the underwater strike team, and they’re going out early. Maybe 8:18 a.m. on 10/10/12. I don’t know. I need to think.

Now back to the purse. In dream symbolism, the purse can also relate to that phrase about being tied to someone else’s purse strings. I figure this is a message to the women: When the moment comes, you’ve got to be with us.

I have to add that I have a privileged window into the wealthy elite of New York where all of this is fulminating, and I just received photographs of the New York City Ballet Gala on September 20. Here you can see how stunning a woman can become with a bulging purse. They will probably not falter when the clarion call to freedom sounds.  http://jezebel.com/5945237/celebs-channel-black-swan-and-the-rare-red-swan-at-the-new-york-city-ballet-gala/gallery/1

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