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Let’s Have a Chat


“After commiting to moderate, I was allowed to go back to sleep.”

The wind was howling out at my sister’s country place south of Santa Fe where I spent the weekend, and I heard it battering the wall behind my headboard when I woke up in the middle of the night. It wasn’t the wind that interrupted my sleep, though. I had a frowning visitation about my last post.

What is the source of such a disturbance anyway? Is it your subconscious demanding attention? Your conscience? The collective conscious? Your higher self? Or is it some source of spiritual guidance that knocks on the door of your resting brain to say, “We need to have chat.”

So I groaned inwardly and sat up mentally and said, “OK. What’s the deal?”

Well, there was an issue with the use of that adjective “rabid” in reference to Republican outliers and the jab at Jeb Bush when he is not yet involved in the election melee. There was also a bit of a problem with mixing metaphors, but the focus was on attitude. The point was made that there is tremendous polarization afoot, and a question reverberated in the darkness: Do you want to contribute to this problem? After commiting to moderate, I was allowed to go back to sleep.

I think Rush Limbaugh has had a visitation too, since he has offered a resentful apology for attacking Sandra Fluke on her support for contraception benefits for students in college. I doubt that he got a bedtime visit, however. I bet it was more like an office visit with some details about market share, advertising revenue, and so forth. I’m not being mean, just practical.

This is an interesting coincidence for me, though, this illustration of the abuse of voice at the moment when I am just trying to find my own. The case is cautionary, even though I am not at risk for Rush-like behavior. Slandering a person on national radio is, uh . . . very unwise but to slander over three days of broadcast a young woman who is in law school is, is . . . . .well, amazing. A couple of years ago, Newsweek reported that Limbaugh makes about $12 million a year being Rush. One wonders how much of that will soon be dedicated to Ms. Fluke’s further education and long-term financial wellbeing.

But back to me. This drama has made me think about whom I am imaginatively addressing in these blogs. I guess I am seeking readers of independent mind and wide-ranging interests who have a bit of a literary bent and appreciate the way that current issues are often grounded in history. But also I am assuming an audience that shares a certain quality of experience–that moment in the night when a presence wiser than we are during the day knocks on the door of consciousness and says, “We need to have a chat.” That means we can grow together.

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