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Political Cannibalism


“According to the dictionary, a fluke is a ‘stroke of luck.'”

Really, it’s kind of fun watching the Republican Party devour itself. By allowing rabid outliers to lead, it seems committed to its own extinction. I speak, of course, of the firestorm Rush Limbaugh ignited by calling a Georgetown University law student a “slut” for testifying in Congress in support of universal access to contraception.

And there is more to it than that. The young woman’s name is Sandra Fluke, and it makes you wonder if some form of divine mischief is afoot. According to the dictionary, a fluke is a “stroke of luck,” and President Obama must surely see Limbaugh’s reaction to the young woman’s testimony as such. In calling Sandra Fluke afterward to thank her for her support and to express concern for her, he may have caused every lucid woman in the country to stop and think.

I don’t say this as a Democrat. I am one of those millions who are watching the political scene hoping for the development of a hybrid party that will tap into what I believe is an enormous resource in common sense in this country. However, I used to be a Republican. I even ran in a Republican primary back in Houston in 1984, filing in the hope of defeating Congressman Ron Paul, whose extremism I thought was wasting a seat. He subsequently filed to run for the Senate and lost, and the state got Tom DeLay instead of me. It was during that campaign that I encountered the emerging right wing that eventually caused me to abandon the party entirely.

For the first time yesterday, I heard the theory that a Republican candidate would be brokered at the convention. This would be due to the fact that, through religious feuding and a relentless series of gaffes, Romney and Santorum would have effectively devoured their electability by then. The name of Jeb Bush came up. The brother of George Bush and the former governor of Florida, he could conceivably triumph, lacking the time needed to consume his own entrails on television. (That’s not cannibalism, though, is it? What do you call that?)

By then, however, Florida may have gone into complete collapse due to the fiscal rigidity of Republican Governor Rick Scott. If not that, the state could be devastated by hurricane season and in desperate need of Federal aid to survive and rebuild–and we know how the Republican outliers feel about Federal aid. A fluke is also a whale part, you know, and Bush would be impaled on his own harpoon. There have been moments when I thought I might need to move to New Zealand, but now I have hope.

But really, the most entertaining thing about all this is the fluke that Rush Limbaugh presented President Obama on a silver platter. I think it will go a long way toward mobilizing the feminine psyche to access our own power in the public arena, and it may cause Limbaugh to lose enough sponsors to lose his show. The quality of air would so quickly improve in the United States that asthma might become a thing of the past, and concern about emissions would vaporize, pardon the pun. I’m watching for more evidence of a form of divine intervention that is going to mess up some righteous minds. As I said, this is really kind of fun.

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