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Ryan’s Numbers


The solution lies in the concept of threeness.

Here I am, nosing around with numerology again. This time the object of inquiry is Paul Davis Ryan, the running mate of Mitt Romney.

As I have written before, numerology is an ancient practice based on the belief that numbers associated with names and dates give access to the underlying order of the universe. There are numbers we resonate with and others that make us uneasy, no matter how dominant the left brain. Although I am by no means an expert, I have often mined numerology for self-knowledge and for insight into other personalities. It’s not infallible, of course, but it’s helpful.

So isn’t it interesting that President Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have exactly the same life path and expression numbers? The life path is determined by your date of your birth, and the expression number is calculated from the numerical values assigned to every letter in your name. Both men have a “2” life path and a “1” expression number.

What are the odds? But as I figured and refigured to make sure that I was doing this correctly, it reinforced the growing impression that this presidential race is really between Obama and Ryan. Mitt Romney’s numbers (9 and 6) correspond to the humanitarian and the father figure. By comparison, President Obama and Paul Ryan share the life path of the peacemaker/diplomat, and the expression number of the born leader.

When you step back, you can see the similarities between the two. Both men are young, relatively speaking, and stand in deficit of an enduring father relationship. Both are enormously intelligent, driven, self-disciplined, lean, and athletic. Both have young children and strong wives who are attorneys. Interestingly enough, the “2”  life path is often associated with being the power behind the throne, which I assume Ryan would be content with for a while. Ambitious and young as he is, however, he would probably go for a couple of terms as president beyond that.

As I sit here, however, I am thinking about something else entirely. What we have in these three gentlemen is an amazingly attractive, accomplished, and intelligent triumvirate. At the same time, this country, like these behemoth corporations that are losing track of revenues, investments, regulations, foreign operations, offshore tax havens, emails, mission statements, and what their employees are actually doing, is getting too big, the matters too complex, to be run by one person. Due to an extraordinary numerological coincidence, we are looking at the opportunity to create a new model of governance.

The challenge is to dump this patriarchal, hierarchical form of leadership that is failing all over the world. The solution lies in the concept of threeness. (See my earlier blog, “The Magic of Three” in April.) In these three candidates for our highest office, we have the perfect combination with which to try out a tripartite model—two driven young men and a father figure―who is actually a hidden moderate who would make a wonderful referee for the two. Everybody would be happy because both parties would be represented; and with their strong, numerological orientation toward diplomacy, the dual presidents should be able to placate the political hysterics.

The moment is ripe because everyone is tired of all the conflict, and in their hearts these fine men are probably sickened to death by the sight of their own shadows slinging political mud. They are not at fault; an obsolete system is. We can do better than this, and we can thank Fate for the opportunity.

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  1. celeryellen

    What a lovely comment out of the blue. Many thanks. Nice to know you’re out there.