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A New Beginning


  Writer’s block is a miserable experience, but a pair of doves saved me.

Guidance from an Animated Natural World


It was during my woodland walks with Cassie the Samoyed that I discovered an ally in nature.         THE TRAIL OF TREES We are all so occupied with the daily detail of getting along in a materialistic culture that we may be unaware that spiritual support and guidance are always available–especially in… Read more »

The Story Beyond Apollo


  “So you left me hanging,” my friend wrote. “Was there ever a replacement for Apollo?”  

The Voice in the Woods


As I sat down to write, I wondered, “How can I frame the contemporary value of shamanism?”

The Roadside Oracle


  Coyote is “up” because coyote is going down.

Calling All Totems


    What’s your totem? Isn’t it time to consult with it?