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The Fifth World Coming


Supposedly there will be eight minutes during which we may sense a change in frequency.

December 21, 2012, will soon be here, only maybe on the 22nd. Either way, I’m glad. We need this to happen.

Of course I’m referring to the upcoming winter solstice, a date freighted with predictions either of transformation or the end of human time. In spite of many prophecies worldwide about this date, its primary charge comes from the fact that it coincides with the end of the fourth world according to the Mayan calendar. In that light, it is the shape of the fifth world, if any, that is creating so much excitement.

At a gathering on Tuesday evening, December 4, I learned of a hopeful prospect. The event was the presentation by José Stevens, Ph.D., and his wife, Lena, on Trends 2013. Founders of the School of Shamanism, they do this annually using a personessence™ profile system to define the personality of the incoming year. Both are trained in shamanism, so they probably access guidance in that way and through meditation. However, they also integrate information from astrologers and futurists as well as news on current events.

Their approach represents another way of working with archetypes. This is my second year to attend, and I found the previous lecture very helpful and accurate in identifying certain positives emerging from chaos and a sea of depressing negatives. A friend who has been attending for 13 years said that this was the most upbeat presentation ever, and that in itself was encouraging.

In fact, José said that we are moving into highly inspiring times whose heights will be defined by the “king” archetype in action. This is different from the “hero” archetype that is about domination both economically and militarily. The king is about a broader view symbolized by a majestic figure on horseback observing the battle below. The perspective prepares the king to exert a quality of leadership that will bring peace and wellbeing to the kingdom.

Interestingly enough, José said that one in about every 100 of us, both male and female, will be getting in touch with this archetype over the coming months. These individuals are often loners and perfectionists who have an area of mastery, who take responsibility for things, who are visionary, who will take an idea or a cause “all the way to the top.” According to José, the kings will begin to manifest all over the world, not just in the United States, and their concern for the planet and their people will mobilize the one in four of us working the “warrior” archetype.

The goal for these times is simply growth, as in: “I want to grow. I want to help you grow. I want to be around people who want to grow.” The mode of growth is through a passion for something, and Lena counseled a willingness to jump in with no holding back. This is about following whatever vision you may have, she said, letting go of the need to know how things will turn out, trusting in the support of chance and synergy. If you get on the wrong track, you will know right away and can course correct.

The talk lasted for over two hours, and so I can’t cover everything here, but I especially appreciated the discussion about an evolving understanding of the concept of power. Up until now, the question has been “Who has the power?” Now it will become, “Do I have power?” The king archetype is about feeling individual power that comes from self-mastery, vision, freedom, purpose, etc. It has nothing to do with having power over others. It has to do with the absence of fear.

At this point, the presentation was moving toward conclusion, and everyone was anticipating a comment on the meaning of December 21, 2012. José described the date as a threshold, as a place in time when humanity would move from childhood governed by the idea that “The one who ends up with the most toys wins,” to a more mature state. That would, of course, be adolescence, which forestalled the possibility of smooth sailing ahead. Nevertheless. . .

Next came a discussion of the astronomical significance of the date. José described the galaxy as a sphere with arms like an octopus, and the moment is coming when our solar system will line up with the galaxy’s equator. The possibility that Mayan astronomers knew this is kind of mind boggling, but it won’t be long before we find out. Supposedly there will be eight minutes during which we may sense a change in frequency. It has been prophesied that during those eight minutes it will be impossible not to tell the truth. I wonder what that means—maybe insight into The Truth.

Interestingly enough, and for reasons I don’t quite understand, those eight minutes could actually occur on the 22nd. December 21 and 22 fall on Friday and Saturday. Even a skeptic might want to pay attention, which would for a blessed 48 hours bring us all fully into the moment–unless we happen to be asleep. I am setting my intention to be awake or to awaken for the drama. I wouldn’t miss this possibility for the world.


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