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The Numbers for President


“We have always thought a lot of Pythagoras, so . . .”

Since I’ve been on the subject of numbers, I thought I would do something I have been thinking about for some time–check on the numerology of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Groan. I can just imagine the left-brain response. The irony, however, is that numerology is a means of exploring the proposition that “life, and the universe as  whole, is an orderly system and that numbers reflect tht orderliness.” That’s very left-brain, I think. And according to the book I just quoted, Numerology by Hans DeCoz, it was the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who combined the mathematical disciplines of Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian, and Essene sciences to create the Western form of numerology. We have always thought a lot of Pythagoras, so . . .

Numerology interests me as a way of seeing patterns in life cycles and understanding personality in secondary ways. Time and again I have asked for the detail necessary to “run the numbers” on friends and family to test the theory; and I have, in fact, seen general characterisics confirmed. It’s a way of being a bit nosy, actually.

But back to the two gentlemen running for president. This may turn out to be the most brutal campaign in history, and one must wonder why good people submit to the abuse. And the fact is that President Obama and Mitt Romney are two extremely impressive and admirable men. They are highly intelligent with awe-inspiring accomplishments to their credit. They have been exemplary family men, and though one may not share their philosophies, they both are undoubtedly committed to doing their best for the country in a time of desperate need. If we could all let go of rancor for a moment, it would be clear that they are both men of character who in their separate ways represent the best of American ideals.

So now to their numerology, and I will use two approaches. I’m not an expert on this, but I think two numbers are particularly interesting–the Life Path Number and the Expression Number. Only 11 numbers are involved in my restricted analysis, 1-9 and 11 and 22. The Life Path Number is determined by adding all the digits of your day of birth. The Expression Number is determined by adding up the numbers assigned to each digit of your given name. The theory in the latter case is that your parents recognized a vibration in you and subconsciously chose a name whose numerical value accurately reflects that vibration.

President Obama is especially interesting because he is contending with polar opposites. His life path is a 1, which embodies “masculinity, a strong drive, individuality, and determination.” His Expression Number is a 2, however, which has the qualities of “sensitivity, femininity, cooperation, and gentleness.” A 1 husband would probably love to have a 2 wife because the number 2 is associated with a supportive role. The interior conflict in Obama may explain why he was accused by followers early in his presidency of being too accommodating, not enough of an ideologue.

Now for Mitt Romney, and I am massively oversimplifying, of course. His life path is a 6. According to the text, “The number 6 is the most loving and sacrificing of all numbers. It is the mother/fatherhood number, and it seems pregnant with love.” His expression number is the 9: “Like the 6, it is a very loving number, but where the 6 sends its love to family, friends, and the community, the 9 gives its love to the world. It is the humanitarian.”

These are just the highlights of a huge amount of material that could be studied at greater leisure; and of course if you knew each man, you could sift through what pertains and what doesn’t. Of course, there is a dark side as well as a bright side to all human potential, which is ultimately explored one choice, one decision at a time. If there were evidence of anything faintly evil in the character of either man, however, the media would have been all over it long before this.

If we could all calm down enough to think clearly, the distinguished profiles of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would inspire pride and a measure of confidence. The world around us is changing at warp speed, so it’s hard to know at this remove what kind of leadership we will need to guide us through the coming unknown. Perhaps there will be a matter of luck as well as wisdom involved in the collective decision that will hopefully turn out to be in the country’s highest good.

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