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The Time of Trump Bears Down


“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Rorschac Test Do You See Trump?

Rorschach Test

In my last blog, I had a little fun with an image of the kind used in a Rorshach test. In a session with a psychoanalyst, one would probably get a number of these to interpret, but I just included one that struck my fancy. And then I invited subscribers to share what they “saw” relative to the “Time of Trump,” so to speak. Here are the responses–anonymous, unedited except for typos, divided between male and female and including both conservatives and liberals. Here you go:

Feminine Perspective

  • “I see the big feet of a clown.”
  • “Heavy and weighty from the waist down (stomping around on nuances and fragile elements of society comes easily), light to non-existent from the waist up (where the heart and mind should reside.) But hey, he’s here to point out the futility of his ways . . . so we can build up a peaceable world.”
  • “The first thing I ever see with any of these is a vagina–due to symmetry. Ah, there’s something to write about–innate feminine symmetry! Ha! Anyway, then I see a helmetless motorcycle rider, seen from under the front wheel.”
  • “I see a frightening demonic heavy-footed motorcycle rider in full body armor aggressively and singlemindedly bearing down on everything (and everyone) in front of him.”
  • “I see a small-headed monster with very large feet. I actually do NOT think of that ‘pedestal’ he’s sitting on as his penis. And his arms/hands look ineffectual. Kind of comical.”
  • “A person on a doctor’s table.”

Masculine Perspective

  • “Nothing.”
  • “Stomp mightily and swing a big penis.”
  • “Looks like an ogre under the bridge from the three billy goats. Long nose, spindly arms and seaweed web feet.”
  • “Rorschach looks like a big guy with gigantic cojones! Or is he having a major bowel blowout?
  • “I see a bizarre dragon form–having rejected the grotesque human figure. That just doesn’t work for me. This dragon is swooping down, fearsome head between wings, body going back. No real tail. Tiny hind appendages could be claws with legs (too small to be effective wings) pulled under body. Now the hindmost does present problems: at first it looked like a mikrokephalos vegetable (leafy) creature with huge legs and feet and tiny hands (Trumpesque). Most surprising we see atop the head a vaginal form (yes, please look carefully) with two flanking eyes. (I wonder if any women will so identify that interesting feature.) But that’s simply too much creative descriptive effort being invested. So I stick with the malevolent dragon image adorned with seaweed kelp foliage, face pointed down. A sea dragon, no doubt about it!”
  • “I had trouble holding Trump in mind while looking at the image but maybe my subconscious was already primed. So what I saw was the head of a wild animal with very squiggly head horns but with tusks similar to this little guy–probably doing him (Sus Scroga-Wild Hog) a disservice. You’ve got to agree there’s a lot of similarity.”

    Sus Scroga -- Wild Hog

    Sus Scroga — Wild Hog

So there you are. I chose this inkblot from a wide selection, and I forget why this one caught my eye. In each one there was symmetry because of the fold down the middle, and one could turn it upside down and sideways to alter perspective. It’s interesting in these responses, however, to see the three themes of power as in simple bigness; sex as in male and female sexual organs; and danger as in the dragon, the “demonic” motorcyclist, and the wild hog imagery.

Interesting how sexual issues hover around President Trump. If the inkblot had been juxtaposed with the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Reagan, or Bush (choosing Republicans), would that have come up? As I studied the comments, I realized that I’ve long thought of Republican politicians as twin-bed people.

With many voters, Trump may have manifested as the archetype of the hero, and psychoanalysts would probably discover a lot of themes in mythology to go along with that. Maybe the entire country should go into psychoanalysis. That would be very interesting certainly, helpful to the political parties maybe. Is it time for a new party? Getting kind of bored with the old two.

And with regard to my current focus on the feminine relative to President Trump, I discovered something just recently that significantly altered my perspective. It is requiring me to do more research and to rethink before I proceed. However, I will be back, my original goal still firm. Sweet dreams in the meantime, but you might want to analyze the symbolism.

One Response to “The Time of Trump Bears Down”

  1. margaret walsh

    WOW, the feminine perspective works for me…each one!