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Time Out


I haven’t died. I’m just taking time out to rethink.


I love writing, so this blog has been a real pleasure as well as a learning experience. However, part of the pleasure comes from the sense of sharing ideas, and I’ve lately become aware that this is not happening in the way I imagined.

For some reason, many people–and I have no idea how many out of a total of 137 subscribers–are not getting my email notice of each new post. In fact, I have no idea how many are actually getting it. I don’t know how long how many people have not been getting it. I don’t know how to correct this. Nothing I’ve tried so far works for certain friends who are frustrated about not getting the posts.  I don’t know how to monitor delivery if I can correct it. And I see from online conversations about WordPress that the problem is not uncommon.

This is one of the ironies of the Internet, I guess. Everything you do seems to be affected by innovation constantly afoot and vulnerable to the making of mischief. I had to turn off the comment option for a while due to being swamped by spam. Were all my subscribers motivated by sincere interest, or something else?

And the thing that bothers me most is apparently having inadvertently failed to deliver on a commitment. Since I launched my blog in February of 2012, I’ve published 289 articles. Many people must think that I just fizzled out, including the friend from DC who told me yesterday that she hadn’t received a post in at least a year. Darn! This is a way to stay in touch.

Maybe this can be fixed with expert help, but that will be expensive. I think it’s just time to pause and think about what I’m doing. I’m grateful to the readers who have had a real interest, and I promise to get back in touch when I figure out what to do. In the meantime, all the best, and I hope your days will be free of computer issues.

One Response to “Time Out”

  1. Jari

    Ellen, might your blog be going into Spam instead of Inbox? Some may want to check that. One of yours went in to my Spam.