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Write Your Congressman


US mail will have a much greater impact.

I’ve been getting inquiries about how you write members of Congress, and I’m providing a link below. My letters are in the mail, and I’ll also share what I wrote.

Below is my letter to Senator Udall, which I mailed to his local address (120 South Federal Place, Suite 302, Santa Fe 87501).  The link on correspondence is as follows: http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/uscongress/a/letterscongress.htm. You can obtain email as well as physical addresses there, but as I mentioned earlier, US mail will have a much greater impact.

My Dear Senator Udall:

I am writing to urge you to make the issue of gun control your legislative priority in the 113th Congress. The attack on the elementary school children in Connecticut is the last straw. Due to our misguided commitment to the “right to bear arms,” this kind of tragedy could happen anywhere in this country at any time; and unless Congress acts with even the weakest measure imaginable, you will be giving your consent to that danger.

Of course there will always be the risk that people who are insane, angry, paranoid, drunk, or drugged will be moved to violence, but any civilized country should limit their access to weapons with the potential to massacre. Only the police, the military, and other official security forces should have any right whatsoever to such weaponry.

I write a blog, and I am attaching the most recent content, which may travel widely. And I will indeed send a personal letter to every member of Congress. Not all of you represent me; but we all live in the same country and it’s time that this country changed.

Thank you for your attention, and I shall be watching for your response.


Ellen Heath

One Response to “Write Your Congressman”

  1. Elizabeth Robechek

    Brilliant! Feels like a sort of circling (and beating the drum) the White House and Congress; earlier, we spoke of it being time to gather the feminine. This is doing that; glad to be a part of leading civilization toward ‘do no harm.’

    Came across a Chris Rock comment today; “make each bullet cost $5000.—they can have all the guns they want”.

    Imagine you have read Lena’s suggestion today……I will be doing that as well.